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  • 1.How long does it take to create one illustration?
    Everything is very individual and depends on the complexity of your order and my workload during this period of time. On average, the creation of one illustration takes 2-7 days.
  • 2.How much does one illustration cost?
    The price depends on the type of illustration. If it is a minimalistic and linear illustration, the price will be from 100 $. If it is a more complex illustration in detail and color, then from 250 $. The price of the illustration is also increase depends by the use of this illustration, whether the illustration will be used for personal use or commercial.
  • 3.Can I get a discount if I order several illustrations?
    Unfortunately, you cannot get a discount if you order several illustrations. Creating each illustration takes a certain amount time and I cannot reduce it. Time is what you need to make a high-quality illustration, so a discount is not possible. In a process such as creating illustrations and art, there cannot be wholesale.
  • 4.Do you draw live at weddings?
    Yes,I work as an live illustrator at events including weddings, private events,brand promotions, festivals. I can create digital or watercolour portraist for guest on your weddibg or custumers on your privet event.
  • 5.Do you have a your masterclass or book about how to draw fashion illustration?
    At the moment I don’t have a video masterclass or a book. But my work book on fashion illustration is in the process of being created and soon it will be available for purchase in digital PDF format. You can also request personal mentorship in fashion illustration.
  • 6.Is it possible to order a portrait of yourself?
    Yes, you can order a personal portrait from me, just fill out the contact form and write “Portrait” in the subject line.
  • 7.I want to buy an illustration that I saw on your website or Instagram, how can I do this?
    Some illustrations are made to order and cannot be re-sold, but some illustrations are available to order as posters. If you liked a certain illustration and want to buy it and use it for business, then I can offer to create a similar but unique illustration for your business.
  • 8.Do you provide individual classes in fashion illustration?
    You can contact me and request an individual lesson. We will discuss your request and wishes and can draw up an individual training plan.
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